Pokjara Trekking

2007-02-04 00:08:00

Pokjara Trekking
Pokjara Nepal Asia
February 4, 2007

Everyone in Pokhara is a trekking, I have not seen many very fit and healthy types, and therefore I would assume there are many easy treks. I think more city types out on a romp in the woods.

I got up this morning, took off on a long hike, I trekked all around the smallish city of Pokjara. This is a delight compared to Katmandu, everything is organized and pleasant, on the other hand, all the guesthouse are empty, and therefore if they were full, it may be another point of view.

I do not know where they go trekking and I really cannot be bothered. I tried to trek to the older part of Pokjara, however seemed to avoid it somehow; I do believe there must be an older historical part. My presently location is 90 percent made for tourist, and not much of interest. I am staying in what they call the lakeside part of Pokjara.

I one day hope to find a full on professional mountain climbing area or shop, all I have seen are tourist shops.

I think something like eight of the ten highest mountains in the world are in Nepal, therefore must be some serious mountain climbers somewhere.

This is the view of the lake, there is a dam on the lake, so maybe a manmade, I do not know the name. Most of the hotels are not on the lake, there is road between the lake and the hotels and I am not sure you can get a good view. I am going to try to find a hotel on the lake with a good view, I am sure there is, however not obvious.

Pokjara Trekking

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