Pokhara Nepal Hotel

Pokhara Nepal Hotel
Pokhara Nepal Asia
January 3, 2007

I am now in Pokhara, Nepal a city about 85 miles to the West of Kathmandu, yet takes about 7-8 hours to travel to in a bus. The trip is beautiful, sit on the right going to Pokhara, and sit on the left returning and you will have a good view. I did not know I had a reserved seat, or I would have tried to choose.

I am thinking
Hotel Pokhara Annoyme

They have the normal litany of names, Karma, Nirvana, Peace, Traveler, and other names, I am amiss to say where to stay, I have not seen anyone, except the people on the bus. There are tons of Koreans and Japanese, and I as trying to figure out where the Japs were staying, but no success.

The place seems deserted, yet it is a lot warmer here and nicer in a way, yet today has big cloud sitting on the city.

There are many touts and none of them tell the truth, I got in a taxi and went to one hotel, the taxi driver was demanding I go and visit the hotel of his wishes. I met a man who was supposely representing the Viewpoint, he waited, and after I looked at the deserted Damside area, I went with him to see the Viewpoint. He does NOT take me to the Viewpoint, itwas recommended by the hotel I was in while in Kathmandu. I cannot believe it, he was talking for about 10 minutes, and finally when I say yes, he takes me another hotel, I just got out and started walking.

I found a quiet one for 200 Rupees, and it is good, the door lock is a big India style bolt, so I am happy as I love to use my own lock. I can walk around without my backpack and see if I can find a room with anybody to talk too. Nepal girls are out of bounds, travelers chics are in etherland, I need to go to Africa.

Oh well, my Mero GPRS connection is working good, so I can surf the net and plan Africa.

Pokhara Nepal Hotel

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