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Pokhara, Nepal Asia
February 4, 2007

Airfare Booking Site
(Note, I have never purchased a ticket on this site, but I use all the time.)

I am again trying to get a complete thought, I have just stumbled time after time on the idea of what is the Top Travel Sites of 2006 in the English language, and now I have added for Travelers, not Tourist

I am working on criteria, but I will get this done this week.

Ok, is a German site, however also in English, you can buy a ticket and Airplane ticket in English. However, you need to click on the small English link.

One of my criteria is easy to remember, and is easy, the de on the end stands for Deutschland the real name of Germany, in the German Language, I have no idea how or why they change names.

I want a guide, I want to know more or less, what a good price to pay for a plane ticket is, and then I can either buy from an agent, or hopefully go directly to the site recommended.

It is amazing the extreme difference between and the normal run of the mill USA search for plane tickets sites. One very large difference is you have two choices, you can search for available tickets or seats available, or you can search for just what prices are available.

Therefore, you need to learn both ways, what is available, and which flights have seats. I then do a search on the air carrier and try to buy direct online.

This is real; I want to buy a one-way air ticket from Delhi, India to Accra, Ghana on February 27, 2007. Note, a one-way ticket for half the price of a normal ticket is normally available anywhere in the world and the travel agents lie.

I did all these searches on the same day, and from Nepal, sometimes airlines block ticket purchases from some countries…!

I want to know two things, what are possible good prices and then second if a ticket is available. A ticket possible, and I can get on a waiting list, however the normal site does not tell you this, they only tell the high priced available, not what price is possible. Nothing Nothing Nothing HAS, very good, however for 1338 US dollars, nice they gave in dollars. A good site, maybe ok in the USA. - I gave the link because maybe a contender in ways., about 500 Euros or 750 US dollars.

Ok, now the available seats are with Ethiopia Airlines, I could book, however I do not. I go to Ethiopia direct and see what is up.

I find in the end, I can fly with Ethiopia Airlines from Mumbai to Accra for about 450 US Dollars. Ethiopia Airlines.

I find I can use a Low Cost Carrier from Delhi to Mumbai for about 59 dollars.

I find I could have flown with an Agent Ticket from Chicago to Accra for 750 US dollars.
(If you know the good price, then an Agent purchased ticket is better, they will warn you hopefully about Visas, need of onward tickets, military coups and other fun things, we HOPE.)

I am getting a ticket for around 550 US, could have purchased on for about 750 US, but need to check many times, as seats come available.

However, I like Mcflight, it give me a fair and target price to pay. I can then go to a travel agent, or online and keep trying. It is a great site; however, E Tickets are not always possible.

It does not search the Low Cost Carriers.

I use it all the time, and is in my Top Ten Sites of 2006, what position I am not sure. I am sort of dwelling on what is necessary. Is knowing about the location with more important, than buying a plane ticket?

To choose this site, I had to overcome my prejudices, thinking it is in German first, and not mainstream, and second how I use is complicated. I am saying to myself too difficult and the normal public is not smart enough. However, when it comes to the bottom line, I use this site, and forget what I think, the - What I use - test is more important than what I think or feel, or prejudge.

I try to post all my idea on this page:
Around The World Airfares

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