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Katmandu, Nepal Asia
February 11, 2007

The Lonely Planet Guidebook, one I use regularly, however I am going to use Roughguide for Africa this time in an attempt to find cheaper rooms has a Forum.
Lonely Planet Thorntree Forum

This is one of my choices, the FORUM, not the Lonely Planet general site, for Top Travel Sites of 2006 in the English Language, a year in review, for travelers, not tourist.

A Forum is an Internet toy, where by a person can post a question, and get an answer. The Lonely Planet forum takes some work, you need to sign up, get a password, learn how it works, etc.

Something best done at home with a free connection…

The keep bumping me out of this, as I do not get online, I do not know why I have to keep registering.

Oh, well, the bottom line for a TRAVELER, and I would almost say a tourist should not use this Forum. The problem is there are many Hotels, Travel Agents, and people hanging around in this site trying indirectly soliciting clients. They pretend they are a person posting and recommend themselves.

However, IF you wished to go to the Congo, or Iraq, or some place where the Lonely Planet paper version of the guidebook is not much value. With a lot of time, with a lot of patience and planning way ahead, you can get some answers. Not normally good answers, but a GUIDE, not an answer. Some ideas that can steer you towards the correct answers, it is your choice; I do not recommend you just trust people on this Forum, it is just help.

I have many bad answers, they told me the border or Silopi, Turkey was absolutely closed when I entered Iraq, it was not, and I did not believe and found the correct answer.

I posted here on December 26, of 2006 and it is now February 11 of 2007. I think these posts disappear over time, I am not positive.

Congo River Post

Nonetheless, this is a great way to find some ideas.

Unless, like some people, and they get addicted, and they sit around monitoring and posting you need to subscribe to the post you wish to monitor. Then in a very good way, Lonely Planet sends you the new ideas by email, this works great.

Therefore, this is how I use this Forum, I will post and idea or find the same question.

Subscribe to the post, and then wait and hope.

Sometimes I go and clarify, or ask again in different ways, I am extremely careful, this is just somebody on the Internet that thinks they know the answer, which does not even mean they have been to the place. It is similar to the Wiki people; they go out collect answers, and then go post from other websites. Look and read, are they extremely specific, a good person will say they did this on this date, at this city, went to this hotel. The person that is honest will say both good and bad, if the whole answer is good, beware.

I want to say - Caveat Emptor, but this is NOT a purchase thing, however, if you are on the main Lonely Planet part, then this applies.

Caveat Emptor

I want to say,
- Reader Beware -
Post a comment.. please?

The Internet is full of person without a life, who spends too much time floating around trying to appear as experts. I write ideas, I post them, and I make tons of errors. I would love to know a way to tell a person and they believe me, this is just my opinions, take it or leave it.

I am writing in my online, I am not trying to be an answer to all questions; I am just giving some ideas and guides. I am sure there are better answers.

However, there is something about the written word, people believe Newspapers, and the TV, they are in my opinion becoming on par with Car Salesmen, Taxi Drivers etc.

The internet is not to be trusted, it is to be used as a guide, the world if full of unscrupulous people who will tell you anything for a buck or in a ridiculous vain to appear intelligent.

Nevertheless, if you are going to Iraq, going to the Congo, or way off the beaten path, then I recommend you get on the Lonely Planet Thorntree and post some questions. Then make your own choices, engage brain.

HoboTraveler.com has my version of a lopsided Forum, it is a way for me to keep ideas organized. We are now calling it the Help Center. The idea is you ask me a question and someday, not today, maybe tomorrow, maybe never I will answer or say, I do not know, or give you a link.

What I want is a place where very specific questions a Q and A exist on many subject, then I can go and see if my answers are there. This is Hobo attempt to stay better organized, therefore, a real traveler can find the information quicker without having to hang around and check the site. I do not want a traveler to have to get on my site daily to find answers. We have a three click policy, we want you to get to your idea in three clicks and leave. This is our hope, not what is reality now, but we hope.


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