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Go Ahead and Jump

2007-02-26 02:34:00

Go Ahead and Jump
Airplane Flight above Norwegian Sea
Friday, February 23, 2007

I am on a plane flying from Chicago, USA, to Delhi, India, I can feel it, I am making a jump. I prepared too much this time, I took packing too serious, I know I was leaving home for a long time.

However, I am going home, this journey ends inTogo, Africa. I will be in a country that does not speak English, and a place full of Black people and a few remnants of French men, who forgot to go home.

There is something different, maybe a new life, a new way, a new type of travel is evolving. I am growing older, I have traveled for 10 years, I know I am not a boy, hard to even see the boy. However, my Peter Pan obsession has lead me away from home and to a place I believe is more secure. I earn enough money to go to anywhere and to do anything, the good Gods have not argued with me.

As I was home, I realized I did indeed escape from my Home 10 years ago, there was just too much trash in water to ever purify it again.

I tried my new idea of how to explain to people what I do for work, as a girl with green glasses, going to study Yoga in India, and for sure lost.

I will pass on India, I am going to avoid India, I do no leave happy or a better person, too much of everything, too much of a cluttered life. When I get to Delhi, I will fly quickly to Mumbai, (Bombay) and then after sleeping too many times in Airports, I will fly to Togo.

Leaving the USA as night it falling and entering Togo in midday.

The planning, I know I planned this trip. I do not plan, I needed to leave without excess baggage. French, they speak French or some local language.

Togo is a place I know, it has a large beach, and all the streets seem to be sand, truly a city plopped onto a beach. Walking and talking, and walking and talking. I think the reason I have been dreaming of Africa is because there is no backpackers, or tourist.

Go Ahead and Jump
Maybe this is the new trip, the new jump, to go completely outside the safety and protection of the travelers and tourist life.

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