Getting a Ghana Visa in Delhi

2007-02-12 06:55:00

Getting a Ghana Visa in Delhi
Delhi, India Asia
February 12, 2007

I am in Delhi, and ready go leave... soon.

I went to the Ghana Embassy to try to get a Visa in the two days I am in India. As it stands now I am not going to apply for a Ghana Visa in India for a few reasons. The requirements here in India are more complicated than the ones in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and I do not want to comply.

1. I must book a hotel in Ghana, or get an invitation. The invitation is more or lees crap and I am not going to get a reservation in Ghana or use my credit card online to book rooms in Africa.

2. I need to present a ticket and an onward ticket.

3. Letter of why I am going to Ghana.

4. As normal for India, they will not be on time or say how long the visa will take, maybe they will give me the Visa... ? (I cannot risk giving my passport I need to fly with tomorrow night to the India culture, or the Ghana culture managed by the India culture.)

I do not wish to fake documents or lie, it is annoying as Embassies do not create realistic requirements that make common sense. I do understand if they are making exceptionally strong requirements for India people, but I am American, not Indian.

I do not understand why countries do not copy the successful countries for tourism like Thailand and make life easy.

I believe all these requirement say to me, either fly into Abidjan or Togo and forget Ghana. I will probably fly to Togo.

I am supposed to be able to get a 7 day on landing visa in Togo, then get a longer Visa inside the country. I need to double check.

When applying for a Visa, a person deals first with the culture of the country, then with the culture of the Embassy of the culture.

Getting a Ghana Visa in Delhi

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