Delhi to Chicago Flight

2007-02-15 23:53:00

Delhi to Chicago Flight
American Airlines Airplane
Above Russia or North Pole
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I am on about hour eight of a sixteen hour flight from Delhi to Chicago, airplanes are often more uncomfortable than the buses. The airplane has private Television Screens so I can choose from about 8-12 movies or shows to watch.

There is some info-commercials on about travel, and I am musing and wondering where I fit into this commercial. There is a long presentation of a resorts or the inside of Hotels, showing the swimming pools, the beach, the rooms, the bar everything inside a normal resort. At the end or near the end is says something about choosing the travel destination.

I am mixed up, it was the name of resort or the Villas or something.

I am becoming increasing concerned with the general public. I am not sure, I guess the world wants to be entertained, and they want to dream, and then they figure out if they can afford to pay for it.

The salespeople of the world sit around thinking, hmmm, what can we sell that will be the new hot and trendy product that everyone will buy and we can make lots of money.

A Vacation Package, a Resort, or a Tour Packages is a product, something sold to entertain people. I think the idea of a resort is great, I remember working 12 hour days, busy, too much of everything and I need a separation from work so I could recharge my batteries. I do not want to call a resort though a destination, more that I checked myself into a resort like a fat farm to help me feel better.

The product of selling tours, the product of selling ideas.
The product of selling vacations packages, the product of selling ideas.

I am trying to think, what am I selling? I hope I am selling a truthful look of the world and my honest interpretations. I do not get paid for this, rather I make money now by the creation of a page that can index, categorize and people finds. If a person does not read, just gets annoyed and clicks on an advertisement and leaves, I make more money. Keeping readers on pages does not make more money, not in the short run, however, the long term readers yes, because they have multiple chances to click.

I am trying to understand in my mind, what is the travel industry selling. I think the product is a wonderful idea, then some way of making a location free of reality. It would be very hard to take persons on a tour of India and somehow stop them from seeing men urinating in the streets or more.

I told a friend Lynn in a push of idea, that people travel to be voyeurs. They want to look at people that are different and India is a great place for this, a billion people radically different than the rest of the planet, they do not know that, however I do.

She was apologizing for complaining about some issues of India, and I said, please you are not complaining, you are just not totally happy. Everyone should search for happiness and if you are not happy, then search. However, if you are in the dump, and you cannot find happiness, change dumps.

I have people want to know my favorite places, in some abstract way my favorite place is in a room reading a book or watching a movie. I like to be entertained. The second favorite it walking around in machinery type areas or industrial sales type areas of funky under-developed countries. I love to look, play, try to understand all the weird gadgets the world uses to work and make things.

I do not like loud noise, and I do not like bad mannered people.

I suppose I should ask myself, where are the most gadgets and at the same time the best mannered people, need to throw in a beach with girls in bikinis?

This is my perfect place, while many want to listen to some poor person in India tell their sad story. Neither is better, just different and if you like to listen to sad stories, then listen to sad stories.

I have made my own sad stories, drunken stupid stories full of punishment and anger, and people frustrated and hateful. I have lived that soap opera. I found it was easier to find people who want to live in a soap opera and say how miserable they are than the ones who want to say,
- I am a winner, I succeed and prosper and thrive at life, therefore life is good. -

This is an endless endorphin rush, and addiction to misery, I wish they would go jump out of planes with a parachute, it would be the same rush.

So, I am watching on Television, it is not over, but I was watching the sales of a rush of ideas, the idea of a paradise inside a building, the creation of a paradise you can buy. Not a bad idea, I wish it would never end.

16 hours on a plane, this is a record I think for me, we are flying over the north pole I think because it is a shorter distance than flying over Northern Africa or Europe to fly to Chicago.

I am very excited to buy the product of Africa, they do a horrible job of selling this product, they sell AIDS, Poverty, drudgery and people with nothing. This is great, I am so happy I went there and it is not what I see on the News and Television. It has almost zero tourist, and I am developing some revulsion to tourist. I am a tourist, I like to go look at things, however I am in a real problem area, I do not want to suffer to listen to their stories of what they watch on TV or read in a Travel Magazine. The ideas they have purchased to me seem more illusion and dysfunctional, a never ending soap opera.

I like to read the encyclopedia to journey to discover the world, then I like to go find on the earth what I read about. I do see the ideas inside of the Encyclopedia as something of value, a good value for my money. However, there is little to sell to people, most things in the Encyclopedia are free to go see.

Hmm.. I am going to read about the Congo to make the time pass faster.

Delhi to Chicago Flight

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