Blogging About Home

Blogging About Home
February 21, 2007

I was asked today,
- If the Hobo is home, then who is blogging? -

I was evasive and said,
- I have decided to lighten up on blogging while in the USA, as not so good to have the whole world know my home town. -

I live in somewhere, somehow, small town USA, a great place to live and everyone knows my name. I am a legacy, I have the inherent right to membership to this ethnic group, I am part of the tribe. I will never lose my colors or rights to membership.

I however, what is information of the tribe, should in a way stay with the tribe.

There is a responsibility to the human race, I naturally deny it, nonetheless, I continually need to accept, a person does not just have the right to say anything for anybody to read.

Blogging About Home

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