Annapurna Nepal

2007-02-08 15:57:00

Annapurna Nepal
Pokhara, Nepal Asia
February 9, 2007

There is something called a - Massif of Annapūrna.

Quote from Encyclopedia Encarta:

“Annapūrna, massif of the Himalayan mountain system, north central Nepal, one of the highest massifs in the world. The massif is 56 km (35 mi) long, culminating in two peaks, Annapūrna 1 (8,091 m/26,545 ft above sea level) and Annapūrna 2 (7937 m/26,041 ft). The summit of Annapūrna 1 was reached for the first time on June 3, 1950, by an expedition under the leadership of the French mountaineer Maurice Herzog.”

This set of mountain as is starts about 20 miles away from Pokhara, as a line of site, however probably much longer by bus or taxi.

I have lived in Pokjara for six days, and finally as a good bye gesture the mountains revealed themselves last night. For the first time I understood clearly, why people come to this too-much-tourist city of Pokhara, Nepal, it is the mountains.

I think on a clear day the feeling of being on top of the world would be a clear thought in my mind. I do get a feeling when in Nepal, that I am on top of the world.

A big cloud has sit on the city for the last week and made it quiet, the weather has made all the travelers and tourist feel as if they wasted their money. I really do not care, I was living in Pokhara for a week, and next week I will live somewhere else. However, to the once in a lifetime dream trip people, this is it, they need good weather, or they think they do.

I guess I live the dream, and they want to purchase the dream.

This is good idea of how far away or the general set up of the mountains.

I need to hurry as standard situation or normalcy in February of 2007, there is no electrify, I will run out of battery soon on my computer.

There is this idea that what you see in life is obvious, and when you travel the wonder of what you will see is obvious. Everyone sits around assuming that everyone understands this set of mountains. I personally despise reading guidebooks, so I do not read them. I do read the encyclopedia daily, however only after I become curious.

Finally, I was curious, there is never an obvious moment of clarity in India or Nepal, the whole culture is a big question mark. It is not important to learn about all these ideas or facts, or why I am here, it is important I enjoy the day. I know there is not going to be a test, and I am forever aware nobody cares if I can name the mountains. However, if they decide to tell me all the names, I do need to listen attentively. I suppose the idea is to listen to the world and to its people. It is not important I understand, I will not live long enough to understand the world.

My battery will run out on the computer one day, and it will be the end. I think curiosity for all things is needed, I am not sure it is important, I learn or remember though.

Annapurna Nepal

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