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Pokjara, Nepal Asia
February 5, 2007

Reference - Planning - Facts and Data

This is one of my Top Travel Sites of 2006 in the English language and for travelers, not tourist. I suppose or would think the requirements of a traveler supersedes the requirements of a tourist so would encompass tourist.

I would be hard pressed in a way to say which site is really more valuable, Wikipedia.org or About.com.

I like facts, Wiki is more about facts, and data, while About.com is explaining. The big difference is About.com has some professionals they pay to answer questions. While Wiki has people that enter free information. Wiki does not push external links, therefore they are saying to me the public.

Stay on WIKI, you cannot leave.

While ABOUT.com say, here are are specially selected choice of best links chosen by a PRO.

WIKI can snub a PRO and is in many way, ANTI- anything big, so they would negate the value of Bill Gates... I was laughing, when I was at the WIKI convention in Frankfurt, it seems like most of the techies had Macs, the anti-PC anti-Microsoft solution.

Anti-Father solution

I just had a real life experience, I want to find out about Mobile Offices, or how to access the Internet from anywhere, any way I do it, it keeps leading me back to About.com.
Mobile Office on About.com

There is a different between having a professional keep the focus and limit the areas, it keeps me from accidentally getting off focus. Wiki is good for unfocused searches, however on focused idea, then about.com is better.

What is exceptional about, about.com is they will often recommend newsletters.

RSS Feeds are pretty much worthless when traveling, however a newsletter can be of valuable. I can read a newsletter without an Internet connection, while RSS seems to need an Internet connection.

The last thing I have is an Internet connection all the time, sounds good, but if you say you are a traveler and you always have an Internet connection, I am not sure I would call you a traveler, maybe a tourist or a 5 Star Hilton person.

Last time I was on the Amazon, it did not have WIFI, Internet, or probably even a cell phone connection.

I go CONGO River, how?

About.com is focused, then they are focused on who you are, are you as Student, are you a Tourist, are you a Traveler, are you someone, then they tell you About it!

So they talk and focus on the subject and tell you about the subject. There are subjects that are related to a something, and a person that is NOT a pro would never see the relationships.

A pro needs called in to say, yep, we covered all the possible related subjects. Wiki does a great job, I just cannot figure out how to find the PRO. With About.com I can go to a bio page and write the pro, and we can do a pay thing.

I use PRO stuff, I use a Guidebook, I use Travel Agents, I will pay for advice.

Wiki makes me nervous, you make them angry, and you could have a world of hurt if the Wiki wanna be Pros decided to attack. There are many true Pros is WIKI, however for the most part just average persons with some special knowledge they scraped from another site and paraphrased to get away from copyright infringements. Therefore, they took from the Pro and put on Wiki.

About.com give you the PRO version of Wiki, with a twist. This is a professional site and comes up easy in Google.com, and is very easy to remember how to spell so I can type into a browser when I do not have a bookmark.


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