2007 February 11 Enter India

2007-02-10 16:30:00

2007 February 11 Enter India
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
February 11, 2007

I will leave Nepal today and enter Delhi, India. I will fly with Royal Nepal Airlines. I would give you a link, but better to buy from a Travel Agent, as not the best organized Airlines.

This is NOT the cheapest way to fly to Delhi, I purchased a package ticket in Thailand, or two destination ticket. Nepali is similar to India for buying tickets, they just try to be too clever, too many attempts to cheat. Therefore, I normally try to bypass buying any plane tickets in India or Nepal.

I do buy online airplane tickets inside of Nepal, however most Travel Agents in India need taken out back and flogged, and worst if someone else does it beside me.

I am going to apply for a Ghana Visa in Delhi, I am hoping, hoping, hoping that the Embassy is full of Ghana native workers.

2007 February 11 Enter India

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