12 Volt Travel Cooking

2007-02-06 03:35:00

12 Volt Travel Cooking
Pokjara, Nepal Asia
February 6, 2007

I am going to try to augment my list of ways to cook.

1. Alcohol
2. Candles
3. Normal 220 or 110

Now, I am going to add 12 Volt, I HOPE.

I have purchased a 10 pack for AA Batteries, or more correctly three of them. I only need one, but I may like them, so need more. I am hoping, with my calculations and understanding this will generate between 14 and 10 volts according to the charge level.

A person can buy anything from a small forced air heater, to a microwave. The reason is because of the RV or Recreational Vehicle market and the Marine or Boat industry.

I have to carry about 14 AA Batteries to run my cameras, GPS and other toys, I will only buy an electronic toy if it uses the AA Batteries. I have charger and you can buy all these batteries and apparatuses in most tourist zones.

The 12 Volt Appliances can be purchased at any truck stop, however if you search for 12 Volt Appliances in Google.com, there is an amazing amounts of pages of them.

12 Volt Fry Pan

Nonetheless, I can use a little spoon type cooker to heat bean, hot water for instant coffee, corn, or many other appliances. They also sell the room heater, for the cabs of Semi-Trucks, that could heat my room.

I figure, I can buy a 220 to 12 Volt Transformer and somehow rig it up to work.

Another idea is for me to hook up a bicycle to a car generator, and pedal my way to electricity.

12 Volt Travel Cooking

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