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Writing Books

2007-01-31 18:50:00

Writing Books
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
January 1, 2007

I saw a very mediocre book on travel in about 5 times, it kept recommending it to me, a very annoying experience. Simple format, easy to write, just annoying book, however, the worst part, and I tried to read the book, it is just a bunch of crap.

I will not say the name, as the book is harmless, as are most travel books, they are just fantasy writers and normally should be thought of as fiction, about like CNN and BBC, however for sure as I read the travel writers, I see about an 80 percent fantasy.

However, this is it, I watched a show about Stephen King writing 1500 words a day, I can easily do this, however my skills sucks to say the least. But, I am more an idea man, and someone else can fix the writing.

Just me dwelling on whether to write a book or not write a book or books. Just thoughts, however it is obviously another way to add to my money. I want a pile of money, then I can travel easier into the Heart of Darkness... they always seem to say this when talking about Africa. Nonetheless, DOLLARS, is the only true protection when being a traveler. I can dollar my way out of most danger. Sometimes, it is just so expensive to buy the knowledge I need to travel safely.

Example, I could find a perfect map of Africa, WHILE I am in Africa. I want this, I need a good road map of East and West Africa. They normally suck, so if I had a PILE, I could buy them all and have them all sent to me, then carry the one that is good and dump the rest.

My ideal map of Africa would be in both French and English at the same time, and have every little small road on the map, and come in a few PDF files for my computer, and accompanied by a paper version.

The research, the shipping, the ideas I just said would cost close to 400 dollars, and I would need a person at home that would ship it to me, probably the bigger problem.

Well, on writing a book, there are too many, however maybes someday I can find someone who is a proficient traveler, hopefully a woman, and they can travel along while we pump out some books for fun. Note, I see most writers going home to write books, the bottom line is this is not going to happen. I like to travel more than I like to write.

Writing Books