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2007-01-24 17:17:00

Kathmandu, Nepal Asia - Working for sure wherever...
January 25, 2007

I received this letter from someone, I think and hope a real letter.

THE PERSON WROTE - Note: (...) Three dashes means I edited the text

Hi Andy,

I wanted to send this note to you for consideration on your blog. It's not hard news per se, but I thought it might appeal to your readers as it relates to travel and mobility. Microsoft was looking for something fun and different to promote and publicize Windows Mobile for business users. What we came up with was http://www.workwherever.com/ : it's a tongue-in-cheek look at how Windows Mobile makes it possible to work wherever, no matter what.

And while the web site is our main area of focus, here are some video clips about the site that have been circulating throughout the Net:



Please let me know your thoughts on this. If you have any questions or if it's of interest to you, I can send additional links.

Thanks and Best,
Kathryn (...)

REMOVED OR EDITED... I removed the address of who wrote me.
I am not sure who is writing me, maybe Microsoft, maybe someone else. I get tons of spoofers, when working wherever, it become more complicated to discover the person I am dealing with. Since this is the URL Workwherever.com they are promoting, I would assume that is the representation of who wrote.


I am lying here in my bed in a Kathmandu, Nepal Hotel, my legs are propped up to hold my laptop computer. I have a GPRS connection which allows me to have a connection in my room, and work on my computer, or maybe here I am playing.

Shakira says, whenever, wherever

I am tempted to make a lot of jokes and as the Brits say, take the P...

I am working wherever, and want to Workwherever.com. This is a grand goal, and for sure I do work wherever, and am striving to work anywhere on the planet.

I was chatting on Yahoo Messenger with my techie in India yesterday, we received an invitation to - AdSense video distribution and sponsorship pilot - (Note, I cannot use quote more WHEREVER because the Asian computers change them.)

Ok... as I work wherever. We was chatting, require lower resources on Yahoo than on Gmail, and Skype is problem, no way to talk on GPRS connection.

Both me and Andrew from India are every moment of every day aware of the wall. There is this invisible wall we hit, it the wall of bandwidth. I do not have good enough speed to look at the videos sent, and the other wanted wanted me to subscribe. I did so, but it did not send me an acceptance.
( I sort of seen them.... )

Now, with GPRS, I am willing to play, and look around at these interesting videos, or better said, try to look. I am not able to download correctly, so I have seen half of most of them.

The goal is worthy, I do wish for them to continue.
Maybe someone with a good connection, who is not wherever can look at the videos and suss out what this is about.

Ok, we received this invitation to participate in a video project from Google.com.

I carried a Camera in South America, then purchased a second to travel to Iraq. Both times the idea of filming a location and publishing to the Internet crashed and burned. Then we took a film of the Tsunami of Koh Phi Phi and put on the net. 25 Megs or more of publishing is difficult to publish in an Internet cafe. CRASH

Andrew, my techie said or commented about the Videos being not being related to the site, or at first reading seems more towards the MTV world and entertainment, and less towards the National Geographic world and culture of HoboTraveler.com.

I could say,
- Walk the walk, and talk the talk. -

Meaning, ok guys, this does not work wherever, I am there, and it would not work.

But, to borrow some terms.
- Fake it until you make it. -

I will listen and continue to listen, and encourage them to tell me I can work wherever. It is a worthy goal, and for many person in the USA, or Europe, this is true.

I chatted to Andrew and said, we need to study, learn, understand, keep researching because one day on HoboTraveler.com, I will be blogging films from every location. I am going to Africa and there are not many bloggers there, a great place to show the world the real truth, not the media invented truths.

I think... hmm with a real wherever connection by Satellite.

The cost to view one of them videos sent to me would be about 70 US dollars, or to publish a video from the jungle of Africa. CNN does pay a lot of money to be live.

I have now calculated, maybe I can lose money and blog from Africa for about 30-6o US dollars per day.

We need to learn, Hobo needs to learn. This is the future. The computer, cell phone, TV, stereo will merge into one appliance of device. --- hehehe Whenever...

I do not know, maybe Bill Gates should go to Africa and install Edge or some high speed cell phone connections. I will then buy the products.

I really want a computer laptop size phone, that can be seen in direct sunlight. I cannot be bothered to do work on a keyboard so small I cannot see unless I am 20 years old with perfect eyes.

My ending thought, keep is up, go for it, go to the edge, I hope somebody buys, so you can bring this to the world. As for me, send me a toy for free, I will play. Nigeria has GPRS and it may work there. Ghana and Tigo seem to be coming online, maybe it will work.

I am debating, Satellite or GPRS, many person got very frustrated with me when I blogged from Africa for three months. I was trying to blog wherever, first try, crash and burn. I am trying to go to Africa again in one month. This time, I hope I will blog daily.

Hmmm. pay for the bandwidth, and I will publish videos.

This is the future, and I am curious whenever wherever, and the invitation to Shakira to come and travel with me is still open. (Bring bathing suit.)

Thanks for the letter, I do appreciate them.


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