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2007-01-23 18:51:00
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
January 24, 2007 is one of my choices for the Top 10 Travel Sites of 2006 in English, a year in Review. I have not chosen where in the list, yet I am sure it is in the Top Ten.

It was Number ONE for the Top 10 Travel Sites of 2005, and it has not lost much ground or status if any in the last year.

I wrote this about the site in my smaller explanation last year:

Facts and data, information is has entered the game, it is a reader edited and created Encyclopedia of information in many language and for everyone to use for free. I personally first use the Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia installed on my computer first, then will by design go to the Wiki Encyclopedia online, however it is normal for me to see them in a top search results in This is good, I do not have to hunt for them, they are trying to find me. The hit a home run when I discovered a well compiled and complete list of LCC - Low Cost Carriers - These are the cheapest of the cheap airlines, and NOT listed or sold normally by travel agents, you will not find these airlines in Orbitz, Travelocity or However you will find them in the WIKI -

So, what do I think a year later?

I am doing this as one of them MORE things, to create a link whereby a person could read more. Therefore when I publish the year in review for 2006, they will go to this link.

A friend was giving me the test of my thoughts, she said, what is your criteria, why, what are the rules, what or how do you make the choices. She did not like my answer,
- It is my opinion. -

She gave me, told me a different opinion, on my opinion. But, she was saying you are a travel writer, I start to push and shove, saying I am not, but I started to think about her intention. She was saying, you are writing to tell somebody your choices, so by technical default, I am writing about travel and I cannot evade.

Ok, why do I like, well first, I do not have to go looking for them. They have designed one of the perfect SEO sites, the search engines like and love them. IF and when I forget to go, then Wiki come to me, it is a search result in

I have surfed around on some other sites, trying to find or discover what the experts have to say, I have not really found, however, I have found Maybe some type of nebulous relative.

Who has time to figure out, not me, I have a room in an Internet cafe, it just does not work. is on the destination label of travel, or sides up and annies up when you are trying to choose a destination. If I am planning a trip to Africa, I can get great insight into how and where to visit by going to

Travel is not a Hotel, travel is about visiting countries, locations and destinations. I sometimes think people should just go down to the local 5 Star Hotel and take a week vacation, and forget to spend the cash to travel. If you don't leave the resort or hotel, then probably the best resorts are in the USA, no culture clash.

However, if you are going to leave the resort, then better get on and learn a little or a lot about where you are going.

Encyclopedia.... it is an online Encyclopedia. It is a tool to learn, and an extremely valuable one, probably the worlds most comprehensive and well managed and categorized place to learn.

Only the Internet has more...

What is wrong with the

The do not send me a set of DVD 0r CD Rom so I can use in the Jungle. I so far need an Internet cafe to use. This is a want, not a need.

Note, if you call yourself the intellectual type, then if you want to be a player, you should be aware of

Thank you to all the contributors of

I need to create some sub-categories and expand this list, because some of the readers do only care about Hotels and Airplanes.