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Traveler Conversations

2007-01-07 21:04:00

Traveler Conversations
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday, January 6, 2007

I went over to the common area in the Hotel, talked for less than one-half hour and left to look for a different hotel.

The conversations were idealist, dreamy, and at the end just too childish. There are overabundances of fantasy mongers travelers in Nepal and India, people who refuse to accept the world on the world’s terms. They must make all the poor good, all the rich bad, and they of course are great as they smoke cigarettes, go pound down a pint, and live in a hotel with only foreigners and profess to understand Nepali culture.

I had enough, my limits were met, and I decided I like Nepali people better and needed to leave. Nepal people speak better English, and it is possible to develop friendships with semi-normal Nepal people. While in places like Thailand, the language spans is maybe 10 times worst than in Nepal, therefore friendships take longer.

I have an amazing room, in a hotel about half the distance closer to Nepal, and the sun is shining into my room.

Traveler Conversations