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Top Travel Site Research

2007-01-16 16:57:00

Top Travel Site Research
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Wednesday January 17, 2007

I am trying to decide, which site going to be chosen and placed in my travel newsletter and made my Top Travel Sites of 2006, a year in review.

I have went through my collection of links on pages, bookmarks, the sites I can type into the browsers direct because I remember the link URL. Sites I search for in than go to an look at, what I have on my computer, somehow they are in my world.
CIA World Political Map

Hobo World News List of Low Cost Carriers

Boston Time English
Foreign Entry Requirements World Heritages Sites Travel PORTAL Travel Vortal PORTAL - Rename Photos
DCE AutoEnhance - Shrink photos from Big to Small

My evolving and changing criteria on how I choose.

1. One Hour per day on Internet is all I can use...
2. Found in search engines
3. Came into my world of view
4. Does not require bookmark, favorites.
5. Do not need a PERSONAL computer to use
6. Free
7. Is not USA centric
8. Needed not fun
9. Trust, I do not feel the sites are looking out for my best interest.
10. I remember the URL
11. I bookmark it
12. One click max
13. Traveler versus Tourist

I have prejudices to avoid, I am not on the Internet 24/7, I am not choosing site which requires exceptionally good connections or a personal computer, like Google Earth.

IF you have a web page, one you would write down next to your mothers telephone number, one that you would not leave home without, one that is saved in your bookmarks, your resource, one you would download and put on a flash drive. Please post below in the comments.

This is a cry for help, ideas, an option to enter my world.

Thanks Andy.

Top Travel Site Research