The End of WIFI

The End of WIFI

Wireless connections in hotels, I am predicting will soon be replaced by the truly wireless GPRS or EDGE or some NAME... etc.

I am in Katmandu, Nepal.

When the HDI rated 136th county on the planet, out of a list of 177 can provide me with more or less countrywide access for less than 30 US Dollars per month. I cannot imagine why I would live in a hotel with WIFI, when I can live ANYWHERE I want. The world is implementing this at rocket speeds.

Freedom is the goal, however, freedom with the least amount of compromises. A person can go to the Mero Mobile here in Katmandu, and have their computer set up for true wireless connection and travel the country.

NTC has mobile, but they want me to buy a 200 PCMIA card to use, - NOT -

There is a belief that technology in poorer countries bad, but with cell phone towers, or cells, the poorer countries are better than many modern countries. In a country like Nepal, they do not have to compete with landlines, therefore the poor countries often are installing more cells than modern countries.

Yes, the speed is slower, yet who cares, I can travel...!

The End of WIFI