Tagish Lake

Tagish Lake
Kathmandu, Nepal
Monday January 22, 2007

I met a man here in Kathmandu, Nepal that owns a Hostel in the Yukon, Canada, or somewhere up close to Juneau, Alaska. I do not know where Tagish Lake is, or why a person goes to Tagish Lake, but I purchase people, I do not purchase locations. I would rather go visit good people any day rather than something - Tagish Lake -.

There are maybe moose there, I am thinking of trying to go there some day. I can go live in the hostel for around 25 dollars... hmm Canadian or US?

OK, nonetheless, the man I met, Chris seems a very well balanced, and competent person. Easy to want to go and visit him and his Hostel. The transportation to the Hostel will be the cost, not the Hotel. I am not sure, he may have private rooms, I hope so. A Hostel often says Dorm, the worst reason to live in Hostel, he is fully aware of the idea of having a common room or area for travelers to talk. He does understand travel and a place for travelers.

Ok his webpage is:

It is MOOSE, I want to see a Moose.

Kayaks also and a course on something, I am sure he can educate me on backpacks as I have been asking him many questions and getting his opinion on my pack, and why he carries his pack and what.

Tagish Lake

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