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Recommending a Hotel in Nepal

2007-01-23 17:37:00

Recommending a Hotel in Nepal
Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Wednesday January 24, 2007

Sometimes I drive myself crazy,
My friend Gary says,
- that is a putt not a drive. -

I believe when I recommend or talk about a Hotel, Hostel, a Travel Agent, anyone, I have a moral responsibly to be careful, try my best to steer people in the correct path. Basically, I want to recommend only things I would do, use or believe are good values and ideas.

I have said things, I wish I could take back...

The world changes, people change, and for sure... HOTELS change. I have returned to visit my favorite Hotel and discovered. The Hotel I was living in before, is gone. Normally the problem is management, I was thinking about this other day. It would be easier to only recommend people, to only find people, or only maybe I should recommend only people. The manager, owner, cleaning ladies, there are people that work in a Hotel that makes a Hotel fun. There are people I meet in the Hotel that makes it fun.

The people that live in the Hotel will always change... but people normally do not change. If I say to talk with Joe a friend, he is probably, normally, going to continue to be Joe. If the same owner or manager is there, then probably the Hotel is the same.

I just spent three hours configuring and designing a way to recommend Hotels, people, about anything without getting myself is deep doo doo. I have a way to take it back.... I can say it, and then mass remove if with a flick of a computer mouse.

I sit, blog away, talk and later realize, I am way off track, how do I go back to random comments posted in mess of blog posts. As of January 2007 (Over 2700 Blog Post Today.)

How do I go back and find every comment, it is possible, however, this takes some clear and sustain thought and good planning.

I am planning on working with this Hotel below.... hehehe... I have been living in a what I would say should or could be a 25 US Dollars room in Nepal. In the USA the skies the limit as location does determine price. Nonetheless, I am in one of my best rooms in about 10 years of travel. I am paying 8 Dollars US or about 500 Rupees in Nepal. TV, Cable, HBO, too much CNN, large bed, two nightstands, two comfy chairs, private shower and Hot Water. Balcony, etc, and so on and so forth, the idea is here. It is hard to believe I can live in a room for this price.

The benefit of traveling in the developing countries... hehehe

There is this balcony or deck up on the top of this building, on the top of the world. I can look out and see the Monkey Temple, mountains and really get the idea why people come to Katmandu.

I am pounding away working on a backpack, sometimes I need to sit and remember, I am in a paradise on top of the world.

I do not have a problem telling the blunt truth in life, now if a Hotel I recommended would always stay the same, I never would have moral problems, yet the do. I think I have figured out a way. This is good Hotel, a great value, have a good day, life is good.

Bob Seger.. I am going to Katmandu!,
That is all I ever really wanted to do.

Note, the base camp of Mount Everest will start to happen soon, in the spring and in the fall they climb the mountain. Someday, somehow, I am going to the Everest Base Camp, I want to talk with the boys and girls that climb this mountain, not the normal person.

Recommending a Hotel in Nepal