Nobody Trust You Anymore

Nobody Trust You Anymore
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday, January 13, 2007

I heard this comment in a movie about the USA.

The truth is in the middle, not one sided, if a person wants a really great product, they want made in the USA. If the world wants a person to come solve a problem, they want the USA. However, 24/7 the journalist of the planet try to discredit the honest.

When a person tries to make an honest statement, an honest attempt, an honest person look like a liar, there is a problem.


I live outside the USA, what I miss is honesty, I want to buy and talk with people and not spend my whole time checking and thinking about whether they are telling me the truth.

I want to buy some gym shoes, mine are shot, I keep looking at shoes, I even went as far as to look for original Reeboks in Thailand. I did not buy, because I do not trust the stores. I will have to return to the USA to buy shoes. Then sadly the Reeboks are made in Indonesia, yet I cannot buy them in Indonesia.

I do trust the USA, of course not always, but generally I trust the USA.

I am trying to manufacture backpacks in Nepal, I am trying to create a product that I trust. I want to say to myself, there is no way to buy a better bag.

I want the best design.
I then want the best materials possible on the planet to make the backpack with.

First I make the bag with the best possible materials in Nepal. I have to find all the suppliers in Katmandu, Nepal. Then I will trust that I am making the best quality bag in Nepal.

I find this is always the problem with the world. The world thinks...
They tell me, what is wrong with recommending something to make money.

I have a simple test to perform with people.
- A person tells me something. -
I say to myself,
- Do I trust this person? -

The answer is a simple yes or no.

Do I trust President Bush and Tony Blair?

Do I agree with everything they do?

Do I trust the people outside the USA?
The answer is somewhere close to never.

Do I trust Bill Gates and Microsoft?
Yes, if I buy a program from Microsoft, I believe it will work.

Interesting problems on the planet, in reality the world is getting safer, and more honest in a way, yet if I want to find someone to trust, I need to look at the big companies. I find that an individual honesty is normally for sale. I see and hear people say things to make money, this means their voice is for sale.

Nobody Trust You Anymore