Nepal Electricity Outages

Nepal Electricity Outages
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Friday, January 12, 2007

It is 6:23 in the morning, the electricity has been off since I woke around 5:00, and it may have been off for hours.

I cannot use my one-cup cooker to make coffee, and I do not have an alcohol in my bag to use as fuel for an alcohol fire.

I am on my batteries of the computer and cell phone, the computer is only good for about one hour, then out goes the lights.

I have light in a way, I can use my hand-powered flashlight, and I should remember to look into 12 volt cooking. Hmm, I have 14 AA rechargeable batteries presently; I am going to buy at least another eight so I would have a bank of about 20 in stock.

That is a lot of small electricity power; big batteries are not possible, too heavy and awkward. However, my 20 batteries could help to power up some smaller things.

AA batteries seem to power 90 percent of my electronics. I now only buy electronics equipment ran by AA batteries. Therefore my system of charging is complete, my alarm clock, GPS, Sony Camera run on AA Batteries.

IF I could have an AA powered reading light, I suppose I could live in the jungle for a few days and still live as normal. The computer is the problem; I think the new computers have 8-hour batteries, with four of them I could go for about five days in the jungle.

I will have to study this, I am going to Africa I hope soon, and I want to be prepared. Africa has good electricity, yet there is a temptation to go farther into the bush there, than here, I like the idea of big animals more. I guess, Nepal does have Rhinos.

Nepal Electricity Outages