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Katmandu Nepal GPRS

Katmandu Nepal GPRS
Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Wednesday, January 10, 2007

22.65 US Dollars Per Month

I took a taxi for 152 Rupees from Thamel to the BICC or as they say, the big Conference center in Bashawor. The Mero Cell Phone company is here and a man by the name of Raj  has configured my computer for internet connection over my cell phone.

75 Rupees is One US Dollar
500 for Prepaid SIM Card
10 Kilobytes cost 20 Paisa
100 Paisa is one Rupee

When I use 75,000 Kilobytes, above this and the service is free.

More or less this means with VAT or Tax, I pay 1695 Rupees per calender month and I have unlimited GPRS connection.

1695 Rupees is 22.65 US Dollars per month.

The great aspect of this is no contract, no setup, and I only pay for what I use, if I keep the card, and it does not expire, I will be able to have access again with no problem when I return. I would say this is acceptable in the mobile office requirements of mine

The bluetooth connects my computer and phone.

Mero Mobile - Spice Nepal
New Baneshwor,Buddhanagar
Ktm Nepal

Katmandu Nepal GPRS