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GPRS Internet Access Needs Price

2007-01-13 21:09:00

GPRS Internet Access Needs Price
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
January 14, 20007

I sometimes am just disgusted with the Internet, it is like asking a girl out for a date and she keeps saying call me.

Buried Information

I have found a couple of good pages on the GPRS networks of the planet. This translated means the countries where I can connect my computer to the Internet.

I then find the cell phone company, I search for the price, I was laughing at the TIGO Ghana site as they admit or say,
- NO HIDDEN COST - They know this is what all the companies are doing.

These telephone companies are scammy, the cellphone roaming rates of the planet are to me just a joke, pick up the phone and make a call, go on roaming and pay anything they wish. The next crazy part is people do this, not a person that is going to be able to travel the planet and pay themselves. I sometimes think this is just a corporate trap, as the boss is paying.

There are so many ways they hide the true net cost.
- Impossible to calculate
- Must buy equipment
- Must have contract
- Activation fees

As I say,
- Advice without price, is not advice. -
Not nice.

Ok, here are two websites that sort of explain WHERE it may be possible, yet the cost issues are buried in the actual telephone company sites that offers the cell phone access.

I so far, need to go into every site and find the extremely buried and deceptive pricing of this service of GPRS offered.

GPRS Internet Access Needs Price