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Frozen Hotel Room

2007-01-07 20:57:00

Frozen Hotel Room
Katmandu Nepal Asia
Saturday, January 6, 2007

I am waking from my first night in Katmandu, Nepal; I would guess the temperature is about 38 degrees Fahrenheit or 2 Centigrade. For the normal world, the non-Fahrenheit world, I could have said,
- Waking at Zero -
- Waking at Freezing -

I cannot get a GPS reading presently because I am too cold and will not walk outside to do so, but I think I am at about 27.5 degrees above the Equator. I thought, Nepal was below 23.5 degrees and in the Tropics, I was wrong, ooops, sorry Gary. This is more or less Miami weather on top of a mountain, so a lot colder. 1220 Meters above sea level is high, yet not that high, it can get warm in the daytime and I suppose cool winds come down off the Himalayas.

This morning was difficult, the first morning anywhere is confused, the electrical plugs in my room needed changed five years ago, at the one, and there is only one, does not work. I ended up plugging into the light socket to get electricity to make coffee and to type on the computer.

My feet are freezing, I need to buy some little walking booties, made of some Yak or Alpaca or whatever that animal is up here. I am suppose to spend 40 days here, this is a lot, and I am not sure I am wanting this so much, the rooms just are not up to speed.

But, and however and nonetheless, I will be able to work on my room 220-110 Room Heater Fan, Cooking apparatus and need it, and as they say, need is the mother of invention.

Frozen Hotel Room