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2007-01-21 19:18:00

Kathmandu Nepal Asia
Monday January 22, 2007

I am working on my Top Travel Sites of 2006 in English, a year in Review. By do this, I learn about travel and I learn about people, a good reason to travel… hehehe and to write.

Ok, I am trying to expand my understand of why I like a Internet site, so by explaining to myself by way of writing in my journal, I learn about myself and the site, what was abstract and unclear, starts to become clear.

On CNN, there is some show about Web 2.2 or CNN trying to couple an interview with something about Flickr.com a photo-sharing site with the second generation of the Internet.

I do agree we have entered a second generation of the Internet; the Internet is about the age of a 3 year old. However, the reason and almost nothing to do with Flickr.com, and really is because of - Contextual Advertising -, which has not created a feasible way for the Internet to make money.

OK, I was thinking, the photos on the site, the photos in my newsletter are probably the biggest reason person read my newsletter. I am not going to delude myself and believe everyone love my writing, the photos help.

Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and privately show photos

I went to Google.com and search for PHOTOS OF NEPAL.

NOTE: Flickr.com is not even in the list of mine for candidates for Top Travel Sites, I am just making sure I am not being unaware of something. It is a popular site, I do not see it as much value to a traveler. When they go home, maybe of value.

I searched for - Photos of Nepal in Google.com.
Results 31 - 40 of about 1,780,000 for photos of nepal. (0.06 seconds)

Number 33 I found this link from Flickr.com:
(Flickr.com comes up first and not a persons photos.)

Hmm, on CNN they said that Yahoo.com purchased Flickr.com, maybe I should go to Yahoo.com and search.

your favorite photos to the world, securely and privately show photos

I am not sure what Flickr.com is doing, however, my problem is their SEO - Search Engine Optimization. This site can easily be removed as a leader. They are either promoting themselves at the expense of their users, or just stupid.

The do not seem to be learning why Google.com is successful. The big thing is Google.com tries to first help their users first and take second, while I think Flickr.com take first and helps second.


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