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2007-01-29 16:32:00

Hearing Sight Smell Taste Touch
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A friend requested I think about posting my top 10 photos of 2006.

- I have very little interest in the beauty of the photo, so if I were to make a page of my 10 favorite photos, it would be boring and difficult job, something I would avoid. -

My first thought was a thought of revulsion, as I do not like to look at photos. I am annoyed looking at my own, and super annoyed looking at other peoples photos.

I use photos to think, and to remember, not for a physical feeling rush. My sense of sight is not my favorite sense organ.


I went on a journey of curiosity and delved into a bigger list of senses.

This one has 32:

This list has 53:

I was observing and thinking the other day, that Nepali people have very little awareness of other people. I can use this list to evaluate a culture.

I would put this as number 16 in the list of 53.
- 16. Space or proximity sense. -

As a funny quip or common terms, I would say about Nepali people.
- Most likely to just stop in front of you.
- Most likely to spit in front of you.

I could assess they may have little
- 8. Sense of motion. Body movement sensations and sense of mobility. -

As almost standard in the poorer countries, they have little sense of time.

I could classify countries into categories of what they are good or not good and use these lists to evaluate countries, cultures and groups of person on the planet. However, sadly, in a political correct world, we can only compliment, we cannot say or talk about what a country needs to work on in an blunt terms. We must just diplomatically say or allude to a problem. This may be the biggest obstacle to human development.

We cannot say,
- The love to lie around and do nothing, like a dog -
Some cultures love the feeling of maybe comradeship and lack of sensory stimulation, others are addicted to movement.

The India people chew this Betel Nut and spit it all over the place; they could be accessed to love the sense of taste. I see travelers that demand to taste all the foods, or as happened the other day, a man was demeaning my drinking of instant coffee, and said I should drink the special coffees sold. I sort of thought he had little awareness of differences in people, the likes and dislikes of a person, especially the ones that do not affect others, like drinking coffee is not a problem in life for many. Unless, for some silly reason I force a person to drink instant coffee.

I would say these two lists are insightful and should be read closely by people. If I can or they could truthfully discover what makes them happy, they could go in search of this.

The bottom line, I do not like to take photos for the beauty of the photo, I like to take photos more for a taxonomy sense.

principles of classification: the practice or principles of classification.

I have very little interest in the beauty of the photo, so if I were to make a page of my 10 favorite photos, it would be boring and difficult job, something I would avoid.

However, blogger.com has now given me an ability to label my post, this is an extreme rush for me, I love this, and I could sit around and label or classify thoughts for a long time. I love databases, I love the ability to sort, categorize, sub-categorize and classify.

In the end, I like ideas more than music, and pictures.

I do think if a person would see what they do, not what they think they want to do, but take a list and check off what they like to feel or sense. The difficult part is many persons wish to be famous as being smart or intellectual. The constantly try to read the intellectual book, never read them, however when they have any chance, they go out with their friends and listen to very loud music.

What we want to be, and what we do is the gap that keeps us from understanding ourselves.

Hearing Sight Smell Taste Touch

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