Fear of Being Judged When Blogging

Fear of Being Judged When Blogging
Katmandu, Nepal Asia
Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I would say most bloggers are complainers, I know I complain a lot, and it is easier to do than to think of solutions. I can say why something is wrong, bad, or inaccurate a lot easier than I can create or invent solutions.

I am here in Katmandu, Nepal trying to invent a backpack. I really am not inventing anything; I am putting together many ideas in maybe an original way. However, the goal is to create a bag with the most solutions.

However, and I am 100 percent sure people will complain about the bag when finished.

However, this is not a reason, to NOT put an idea on the table.

I am publishing ideas, many times I am hoping someone, the 24/7 on the internet types, those who live on the internet will correct me, and maybe I can learn the information that I need. I am presently doing this all the time with questions about Africa. It worked in one post about Visa as a man name Rune helped by recommending a page with great information on Embassies.

I do believe the best value of the internet is I can publish and idea, than other people can add clarifications and answers.

However, I see many bloggers and travelers afraid to say what they are really thinking, they only say the ideas that most people would agree with, and this does not help anyone. It is just common knowledge and does not expand knowledge.

I am writing my journal online, it is I would assume confused. I do not think clearly, I think abstractly and confused, by writing my mind become clearer on ideas, and often I see the problems. Yes, when I post a blog, many persons complain and if I wished to be famous, I would say them in an extremely harsh and controversial way and everyone would post comments. Often the best post is probably the one where everyone is agreeing this is the clear ideas.

Nevertheless, I want to find answers, I travel to find answer to questions in my mind and soul. I do not know my questions; however, I do find the answers.

I am always sad to think a person is afraid to ask a question for fear of feeling stupid, on the other hand I have been afraid all my life to say anything, for fear of being called a know it all. I say things in a way that annoys people, I know this.

However, the goal of life is to work together, to ask a question and hopefully someone helps or guides to an answer that works.

Posting a blog to me is by nature opening up to the world for someone to say something that will expand and clarify.

It all is about, are you part of the problem or part of the solution.

Fear of Being Judged When Blogging