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Do Not Stop Traveling Mark

2007-01-13 06:05:00

Do Not Stop Traveling Mark
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Saturday January 13, 2007

I met Mark in Delhi, India, then again in Bangkok, Thailand...

I am sad, he has been out for about one year and says he is going home. This is not good, he is probably addicted, he has go the rush, he does not know what he is doing.

Please click on this guy blog, and tell him, HOBO says,
- Never go home - (Visit yes)

I also was wondering around his site and saw his link about Student Travel on, and my blog is with his, I did not know this link existed.

There is a culture of travel, and some become members, (Whether they like it or not!0 they learn the rules, they understand, they are experienced.

Do Not Stop Traveling Mark