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Crichton Travel

2007-01-31 17:08:00

Crichton Travel
Kathmandu Nepal Asia
February 1, 2007

Discovered a new backpacker term, and now I want to see if Michael Crichton deserves this usage of his name. Brad and Megan commented on a blog, then I looked at the their profile, then I looked at their blog, then I read the quote. Note, I can almost never do this, I really love have a GPRS internet connection in my Hotel room!

Now, I am helping Brad and Megan to coin the term: Crichton Travel
Knapp Adventure Blog

I would sometime think it could be James Michener Travel or I guess Michener Travel as I am also a fan of James Michener and amazed at his trips.

I will be in the USA from February 14 to the 22, therefore I am arranging my best to have UPS drop off all my dreams. I got on and purchased the book by Michael Crichton called TRAVELS a book by Michael Crichton.

QUOTE by Brad and Megan

In Travels, Crichton describes trips so remote and inaccessible that it created an entirely new baseline for adventure in my mind. His trips to Hunza and New Guinea remain far off dreams for me--heck, Hunza, as such, does not even exist anymore. He trotted around the globe on journeys that had to be outrageous logistical nightmares, code for excellent, unspoiled fun. After Clayton and I had finished the book, we had a new phrase for serious travel: "Crichton travel." After visiting Africa, I would call Crichton travel a modern version of traveling like David Livingstone except that Crichton travel, because his trips were so recent, teases us with the thought that a journey like that might still be possible.


Crichton Travel
Now, the only problem with this is, I can never remember how to spell his last name, I have to copy and paste it to be close to correct. -Crichton -

I will read the book, I would say I normally like anything Michael writes. I do have one problem here, I can only carry so much weight, about 70-100 pounds, then I have to start make love choices. Do I love this more than this, or do I heave this item, do I need this, or is it just a want, can I buy in Africa or do I need to carry.

I cannot buy all the books I want to read, I really like the PDF file books, I am also cheap, I am not going to pay more than about 4 dollars max for a used book, or for digital.

I made an angry purchase, as I was so disappointed in the Lonely Planet West Africa last time, the recommendations for hotels were written for persons driving a car. Therefore, I left my normal guidebook path and purchased the -The Rough Guide to West Africa 4 - and will see if they can help me save money, or also recommend the most expensive.

To break Africa open, there needs to be backpacker rooms for less than 8 dollars or lower.

Crichton Travel