Caste System

Caste System
Kathmandu, Nepal Asia
Monday January 15, 2007

A Hobo is low caste.

Why do you want to buy a First Class Plane Ticket or why do you want to live in a Five Star Hotel?

- The existence of superiority and inferiority due to skin color, religion, economic status, and social status is seen all over the world. -

This quote from this page about the Caste System of Nepal is accurate.

My recent trip to Africa taught me more than I wanted to know about my friends.

I think they like to feel sorry for Africa, they do not want to visit Africa, they wish to feel superior to Africa.

I myself am inferior to many people on the planet, and sometimes I am inferior. I do believe any person can change their stars. I personally judge many people by what they want in life, or how they treat the persons who have less. I really have a problem with a person who treats what they think poor people with no respect and spends all their time trying to help them....

Caste System

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