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Bangkok Airport Greenhouse and Sauna

2007-01-05 01:10:00

Bangkok Airport Greenhouse and Sauna
Bangkok Thailand, Southeast Asia, Bangkok Airport
January 5, 2007

I am presently in the Bangkok Airport, my Royal Nepal flight from Bangkok to Kathmandu, Nepal has been delayed for two hours.

Therefore, I appears to get to enjoy fours hours total of the Bangkok Sauna. For some reason the Thailand Bangkok Airport people have built this new greenhouse and sauna here in the tropics. It is the perfect design for a greenhouse, the sun seems to enter, and the interior heats up to supply all the travelers with a communal sauna.

This is the Mouse Trap area, you enter down the steps and enter your gate area, and there is nothing to do, but to stare at steal walls and the sides of the sauna. The former airport allowed you to buy food, watch tv, and to move about freely. This Airport seems to be designed by one of the lady boys on Khao San Road, or one of the girls in tow in the Sukhumvit area, with a way too old of man.

Levels, multiple levels, there are three levels, I was laughing as the people that retrieve cars were trying to push them up one of the inclines, I said,
- Great airport design! -
So make the fat tourist go up and down in the mouse trap, various levels does not make an airport good.

Stark, white, and who can hide from the Sun, in this airport I went to the Dairy Queen to have a Blizzard, and get into the shade, avoid getting a tan while waiting for a plane.... hmm, maybe I should just go lay out.

Note, stark white tile, does not make for a warm and cuddly world. There does not seem to be any tv stations in English, I tried them all, a couple of blue screen, that could be the holders...hehehe

Bangkok Airport Greenhouse and Sauna