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WIFI In Hotel Room in Bangkok

2006-12-29 22:30:00

WIFI In Hotel Room in Bangkok

Ridiculous amounts of work to use WIFI, but I seem to have WIFI signal in my room here off of Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand. Moved into one, and moved down to a room that functioned when it became available.

The only way to get WIFI to work in the room with off the shelf WIFI routers is to have a room within 10 feet of the router, or less...

Concrete walls stops the signal!

They advertise WIFI in the room, and I never believe until I check the room, the signal and somehow get room very close if not line of site of the WIFI router.

I am in the hotel, behind the Wat, on the little street leading towards the river. The hotel is on the right and has a 24 hour Internet cafe in front.

Oh well, it is the Erawan Hotel, I do not like to give my address normally, but this is a ridiculously hard thing to find. The room is 850 Baht and not cheap, the price is shared so I guess it is 425, still not cheap. A cheap room on Khao San is less than 220 Baht.

Give me an Ethernet wire in my room any day.

I have found very few room on the planet where I have Internet access in my room in a room that cost less than 25 dollars, less than 10 is almost never. I call this the old bait and switch.

The good part is with 24 hour Internet cafe in front, I have a backup, there are some issue of having a large website, that needs a great connection, at least every few months.

I go to Africa soon, and I expect the worst.

WIFI In Hotel Room in Bangkok

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