TBoli Sebu Lake Philippines

TBoli Sebu Lake Philippines
Tupi Philippines Mindanao Island
Saturday, December 9, 2006

A map or tentative planning map to Sebu Lake for me visit the T’boli people, the blue is my known path, I am not even sure which one is the proper lake. There is a bus to Marbel and then to Surallah, neither name is on the map… The correlation between maps and cities is always a mystery; for sure, there is always a need for mapmakers.

The lady ask me,
- Why do you come to Tupi? -
I say,
- I like small villages, and there is no tourist. -

There is a couple of women I met in the road, they brought me a Pineapple to eat, I will eat them, when I find a knife, I am not carrying all my equipment, I do not have my Pineapple knife, but I now have a Pineapple.

They went through the interview, etc, and finally kept asking me what I am going to do, they finally realized, I have no plans. They say, I should go and see the T’boli or Tvoli people, they walk around in just a loincloth or mostly naked. Everyone seems to recommend this lake, yet, and then the woman says, I should not go alone, it is dangerous.

Then proceeds to say there are many cottages and tourist accommodations, and many tourist go there.

I said,
- I came to Tupi because there is no tourist. -

I think there is probably Filipino Tourist; I highly doubt there is many white tourist, or Hey Joe tourist. Mindanao is on every do not go list of the planet and every warning about terrorist.

I do no know, beautiful Philippine girls walking around in Loin Clothes, which is good enough motivation for me. Note, I do not think they are walking around like this, but it does sound good. I think my curiosity is mostly about how a person will explain a place and how it actually is, there is so little correlation, and it is as if the world is just a fantasy.

For sure, a person should go and see any place, shown on TV with CNN or BBC; there is an almost zero correlation about what you will see and what is there. Yes, you can find it, if you spend your whole life searching.

I told the to Pineapple women, I can see topless girls in Manila, I think pretty easy, I would think they have that type of bar, on second though, I am not sure.

Oh well, I will travel on Sunday to this place, I have a big concern though, I hope Jo Jo and Mrs. Espritu have my clothes washed, I risked allowing them to clean them yesterday. They do not clean clothes regularly, however, I am down to my last dirty shirt and shorts, I need clothes to continue.

TBoli Sebu Lake Philippines

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