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Tboli Philippines

2006-12-11 22:29:00

Tboli Philippines
Tboli Philippine Southeast Asia
Monday, December 11, 2006

Tau bilib: Tboli or T’boli
Those who live by the side of the mountain.

I am disappointed in the village of Tboli, there is nothing wrong with the place, friendly, nice people, and all is great. However, I saw some photos of Tboli or T’boli people and was hoping to find a more primitive area of the Philippines. It maybe is possible if I went up into the mountains, however, I am not sure how to do that, or sure, I want to in a place that could be dangerous.

It may be a place where I would get weapons to travel into the mountains.

Ok, the problem is this. I wanted to see the Ethnic group by the name of the Tboli people. They are the natives here, as I can understand before the coming of the Christian from the north to settle in this area round the 1930 to 1940s.

There is Tboli people, they live in Tboli, yet they do NOT dress or look like photos on the internet. They look and dress the same as any normal Filipino person. This is good; I would not wish anyone to stay primitive. However, not what I was thinking would be here or hoping for, sad, I was hoping for poorer people.. hehehe

I am told the illongga people came here and settled, I did not capitalize, because of Ilongga make the (I) look like L. has information on the Tboli people, however, my offline Encarta Encyclopedia does not, however it does show the city on the map. This is strange, I cannot find the city in normal viewing, however when I search for Sebu or Tboli I can find a reference to a map and see iit on the map, yet it does not normally exist, except in a search.

I am a big fan of encyclopedia, however, the although a great website is still not the best Encyclopedia until they give me and the rest of the world an offline version. I was told they was going to do this at the Wiki convention, yet never have heard or seen an offline version. I do hope there is one soon.

Hmm, I can download something; maybe it is possible to download the whole database.

I am going to leave and go to Lake Sebu, there is not much to do in Tbloi or nothing obvious, the market is ok. I suppose a gay person could find a lot to do in that strain of entertainment, as last night there were many of them standing on the corner, I am amazed at the number homosexuals in these small towns and the over all acceptance of them.

I do not force interesting life to happen, I just enjoy life as it happens.

Tboli Philippines