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Selling Luxury Travel

Selling Luxury Travel
General Santo Southeast Asia
Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I watch BBC and CNN too much, I really do not have any choice if I want to have a clue what is maybe happening in the world. I say maybe because there is little reality to watching BBC or CNN, more or an illusionary, try to sell controversy as News, when really just a slotted segment, scheduled weeks in advance.

I am watching now, and they are pushing Luxury Travel, there is some Luxury Market or something in Cannes.

Quote from Encarta Encyclopedia:
- Cannes, city, southeastern France, in Alpes-Maritimes Department, on the Mediterranean Sea, near Nice. A fashionable resort of the French Riviera, the city is built on an elevation that slopes to the sea and is sheltered by a range of hills. Tourism is the chief industry, but Cannes also has a busy port and is a trade center for flowers and fruit produced in the region. An important international film festival is held here each year. - (2)

Luxury Travel, in some ways is the same as going to a casino, they are selling dreams. A person goes to Las Vegas, or a big casino and tries to buy a dream, it they only put the right coin in the right slot machine, it will spill out a fortune and all their dreams will come true.

I am 100 percent in favor of luxury travel; I am also 100 percent in favor of a person getting the best value for their money. I am also 100 percent AGAINST trying to convince a person to gamble their lives saving away in Las Vegas.

It has been a moral dilemma, a quagmire of confusion for me, as I am, besot with advertisers who wish me to sell something I do not believe in, and would not recommend to anyone. I suppose they look at it as this, they will sell and they will recommend to anyone but their best friend, and for their best friends they will tell the truth. (IF they even know the essential truths.)

I suppose this is why I like the book and movie - The Beach - by Alex Garland so much; there is an inspired genius in this book. It is explaining about a map, where the other travelers are never to tell anyone, not even their best friends about the paradise call - The Beach. -

I try to find spotters, it seems like a travel agent would be a great spotters. I want a person to spot the great places to go, the place where they would tell their best friend, yet they would not tell anyone else. The reasons they will not tell anyone else are:

1. If they tell others, it will become touristy, trendy, and disappear.

2. They cannot make money as a travel agent on this location, because it does not yet have the built in commission and moneymaking opportunities for travel agents.

3. If they are smart enough, understand enough, they realize the best things in life are free. For example, the wonderful view of paradise, the love offered by a mate.

I try to get Travel Agents to drop their commission only brain, say; I will give you X amount of money to tell me your favorite place on the planet. They sadly are subject to their own hyperbole and always seem to recommend a place that has sold them on expensive luxury.

I think they need to separate their desires, I am 100 percent in favor or luxury travel when a good value. I like to be…

- Pampered, every creature comfort provided.
- Say you were there, the fame of travel.

However, this is good for a couple of days, then I want something real to do, maybe this is why a two week vacation sells so well, anyone with an sense would know after two weeks, a person can get very bored with luxury and needs some self enriching activity, they need to go home and do some work where they feel they accomplished something.

I wonder and think, movie stars, singers; millionaires will drink themselves to death, or just commit suicide.

I think they purchased the dream, and not a enriching lifestyle and where they are the master of their fate, and not just going where somewhere else says it is wonderful. I suppose this is often my quest, to find the places, which are real paradises.

BBC and CNN have big advertisers, and travel is the big money advertisers, they are trying to push a big ticket item to someone who probably cannot afford it, this is the emphasis, get a person to buy what they cannot afford, and for sure do not need, it luxury.

The best in life is free, however, it would be simpler to find if I could just pay for it, however, I cannot, it is my own journey to make.

Selling Luxury Travel