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Saddam Mass Murderer Execution

Saddam Mass Murderer Execution
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
December 30, 2006

75,000 people killed in mass graves by Saddam Hussein

I left Khon Kaen, Thailand and traveled on a night bus to Bangkok, Thailand. It is now about 7:27 in the morning, I connected up with my GPRS connection and read,

- Official: Saddam to Be Executed Tonight -

I personally witnessed a mass grave site of 2500 Iraq people, on August 3, 2003 when I visited Iraq shortly after the major fighting stopped.

I have dwelled on the issue of "how many people," for a couple of years now. At the time I was in Iraq, they said there were about 30 more of these graves found around the country.

Therefore, 30 x 2500 is 75,000

This is my personal estimate as a witness to Saddam atrocities.

History will hopefully explain this better than the present day media, yet it appears to me that lead by President Bush and the American Soldiers, with the help of the Coalition of willing to protect the world countries, we have stopped a mass murderer.

Saddam has a legacy, he will now enter the ranks of Hitler, and Pol Pot and will forever be compared to them.

Photos and some explanations.

I would like to say thank you to George Bush, whatever the case, or present problems, he had the will to stop evil. Nothing may have gone right, maybe many mistakes have been made, but the decisions made, needed to be made, and someone walk up to the plate.

Saddam Mass Murderer Execution