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Philippines Smile for No Reason

2006-12-03 19:06:00

Philippines Smile for No Reason
General Santos Southeast Asia
Monday, December 4, 2006

I am amiss to know why I like the Philippines so well; however, I think I may have discovered the essential reason. I am from Indiana, all over the planet, there is a cultural specific way a person greets another person.

Instantly a well-traveled person could think of the Y of Thailand or the bow, or the hand pull of the Arabic countries, a person will learn the formal way of saying hello.

The truth is, the normal greeting is to ignore, there is no greeting, a reception desk and ignore you consistently and forever.

There is a formal greeting, a proper way to meet a person, I believe every culture on the planet, even when you believe there is not, there is a way to be respectful to a person that may allude your discovery.

In my small village, in the specific area centric culture location of Indiana, where I was made to be Andy, there is a greeting. When a person enters your space, to be well mannered you should make eye contact and say hello, acknowledge the existence of the other person.

McDonalds and 7-11 have a small secret that makes them tremendously successful on the planet, when you enter their establishments they say hello.

This is not natural for Europeans, seems awkward, they do not see or feel any reason why a person should say hello.

However, I truly believe manners can make a business; just a welcome to most people can put them at ease.


The reason I enjoy the Filipino person is they will smile for no reason, this is like my home, and I am closer to home. When I enter almost any establishment they acknowledge my presences, look at me, and normally say,
- Hello Sir. -

If you need a reason to be nice, I am worried for your happiness, we do choose to be a happy as we wish.

Philippines Smile for No Reason