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Lake Sebu or Tboli

2006-12-11 03:28:00

Lake Sebu or Tboli
Tupi Philippines Southeast Asia
Sunday, December 10, 2006

I have four maps.

1. Encyclopedia Encarta
2. Lonely Planet
3. Accu-Map
4. Some hocus pocus tours of the Provincial Planning and Development Office.

I suppose the number 4 is the best; however, the tours seem by far, magical mystery tours and more focused on sales and less on reality.

The Accu Map seems to have the city of Surallah on it, and that is a plus.

Number 4 list a small city by the name of T’Boli, and has a little symbol saying there is culture there or close.

There is too much tourist information on Lake Sebu, I do not believe it has retained a Tboli cultural influence, everything and everybody is talking resorts and other words. It is not to say it is developed too much, however, there is a tourist game or tour company game that happens. We go looking for real culture and because the tourists do not enjoy this, they give them what they ask for, it is difficult if you really want to find some normal culture, and not souvenir sale people or faked authenticity.

I am doing a quick perusing of the maps, keep them current in my brain, as I will leave in less than an hour for the small village of Tboli is possible, hope for housing and if not back track to Lake Sebu for sure there are hotels there.

I will not use the word Hotel, maybe Pensionne or Guesthouse. The word hotel make locals look for only the best rooms.

(Note, later I get a room in Tboli and the I ask the man, what is the correct name for his rooms, he says, - Lodging -, I cannot win with this.)

Lake Sebu or Tboli