Hotel Empathy

Hotel Empathy
General Santos Philippines Southeast Asia
Thursday, December 7, 2006

Does a hotel try to empathize with their clients?
I personally think they drop the ball, on a scale of 1-10, ten being a perfect score, and 1, being the worst. I would say the average hotel is about a 3.

Every person though that enters a hotel is different, and every hotel has a different priority, or a different type of client they normally service.

Last night I walked into the reception area and asked about ordering a Pizza to be delivered. The girl behind the desk had no idea, and has no desire to help. Eileen was not there, the one on is a stone face.

I think Eileen would have tried to help, the hotel is good, however not all person in the hotel are good.

The bottom line is this, I want to have my clothes cleaned, I only have 5 shirts with me, and I am in need.

This is a motel or short term hotel, it is not a Hostel, or place where people live for weeks, it more of a Motel. Although very nice, it does not have tourist on a regular basis, I think more of recreational use of rooms…. Hehehe

I purchased some laundry soap, back to doing the laundry by hand. Note, I asked the reception on the way out of the hotel, they said they would find one and tell me later...

Hotel Empathy

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