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Khon Kaen Southeast Asia
December 28, 2006

... Mom, I cannot write, my email is not working...!
(Note, I use Yahoo Mail.)

I am complaining to myself because I cannot access or surf any of the USA websites, however, I am sure many people are in panic.
Why is my son or daughter not writing me? and it appears any related site, including my is not working or barely working if it does in much of Asia.
I use to publish this blog. The only way it works, is if I blog by email, I send an email to the blogger,com system and it publishes.
Yahoo Mail is working, this is not a good day for oops.
I am working on the end of year, Top Travel Sites of 2006, I need to do research, connect the dots, make sure links work, and many things everyone is always complaining I do badly and now I am unable to even work on it.
But, this is not as important as some mother on the other side of the planet in a panic because there son or daughter has not written.
I am reading and it is expected that it will take between two week and three weeks to repair this fiber optic wire off the coast of Taiwan that was broken. I am not sure, maybe it is an earthquake, maybe it is a fishing boat that cut the cable. Most information in English comes from the USA and those side are not up and at em.. hehehe
So much for CNN... oh well, who wanted to know what is going on anyway, I for sure am too aware of what is wrong with the planet, I am happier with less news. seems to be up, but it is located on a host in Wales, or maybe Ireland, there is some questions by me... Down in Asia