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General Santos Philippines

2006-12-03 19:04:00

General Santos Philippines
Sunday, December 3, 2006
Dadiangas was a former name, before General Santos.

I am happy to be in the city of General Santos, nicknamed GenSan in the Philippines. I have so far accomplished my goal, I have entered an area of the Philippines, where there are no tourist men with smaller Philippine girls in tow, at least have not seen any so far.

My hotel is great, they are excited to see me, I do not think there are any tourists here to speak of, and it seems empty. The girls says,
- We have learned to accept change. -

There have been Islamic associated bombing in this area of the world, and more or less has scared off most tourists. The girl in the hotel did not avoid the subject; just matter of fact accepts that General Santos has changed.

General Santos seems modern, wide streets, and interesting in a way, however for sure I am in city, however what feels more civilized and less seedy than Manila. Nobody has tried to beg or sell me anything in front of the hotel; I have a swimming pool, not bad for 510 pesos in the Philippines, about 10 US dollars.

I have not found anything to do yet, however I have spotted a larger than normal mountain near here, that has a name, it was highlighted for General Santos, I cannot find the name of it in my guidebook.

I think the big pull here, has to be Tuna, the fish, they even have a Tuna festival, and I should probably go down to some dock somewhere and see where there is Tuna.

My goal is to find smaller more rural towns close to visit.

General Santos Philippines