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Filipino Lovable Hospitable Caring

2006-12-06 20:45:00

Filipino Lovable Hospitable Caring
General Santos Philippines Southeast Asia
Thursday, December 7, 2006

I like to return to the same store, the same restaurant, the same internet café, and sometime the same juice stand. I find I am able to establish friendships and relationships faster when I do so.

I have been stopping in to this Extra Joss or Orange Tang drink stand in the public market to say hello to new friends. There is the interview, the who, when, where, what, and why of things, a normal set of questions that are exchanged between people.
The - INTERVIEW - changes with every culture.

Example: Iraq - 1. Religion 2. Country 3. Name
Philippines: 1. Country 2. Name 3. Are you married?

Ok, number 3 is interchangeable with many questions, however in the Philippines they seem to want to know the country first. However, the family is a major focus in the Catholic and Filipino world, therefore the question, are you married comes up soon.

The lady ask me,
- Do you want a Filipino wife? -

This question is difficult, and somehow they make it simple. I can say yes, and they would have me married off in the next 10 minutes. IF, I say no, then in an indirect way I am saying the women of the Philippines are not acceptable wives.

My answer is more something to do with wanting to find a wife that I love and care about, and the country is not so important.

If you are talking to a man, and he ask if you want a Filipino girl it can mean many things, in some culture they get very angry if you want their women, however they will also get angry if you say they are not a good wife. A true catch 22, and in Islamic culture, when they ask these touch and go, can be dangerous.


I said,
- I think Filipino girls would make good wives. -

She said,
- Filipino girls are, Lovable, Hospitable, and Caring.”

I am one of them recovering alcoholics, read too many self-help books, and know all the psychobabble jargon as deemed necessary by the powers that be.

I believe in the theory of - Garbage in and Garbage out. -

Not sure if I am getting this right, but not important, the idea is this, a thought or word is an object. You can throw something into a garbage pail and if it is garbage when you put it in, it will be garbage when you take it out.

What you throw in your brain is what comes out!
What you ALLOW in your brain is what comes out.

The continual battle or obsession with manners, behavior, hiding from locals, and trying to find good travelers nest is about me trying to control this aspect of my brain.

She said,
- Filipino girls are, Lovable, Hospitable, and Caring.”

This is perfect self-talk and a self-prophesizing; you get what you expect in life, a great way to make good wives.

She ask me,
- Are you honest? -

A good test on her part, I said,
- Yes, of course. -

No hesitation and no reservations.

I am happy, I can almost count on my hands, how many people in have told me they were a lovable. To have a person say they or their culture is lovable, (I am not sure she mean men?) is great.

Fun to hear how a culture views themselves, not normal, normally the conversation is about how poor we are, and we need money. There is very few culture that leave out this, they all think they need money and they are poor.

People that believe they are lovable, hospitable, and caregiver has a better than normal chance of being what they say, they are…

A person says a long time what they think they are, before they become what they say.

Filipino Lovable Hospitable Caring