Fake Onward Tickets

2006-12-19 15:47:00

Fake Onward Tickets

Many countries require an onward ticket to enter, I was just nicked in the Singapore Airport when flying to the Philippines. This is a requirement for visas, entry, etc, and I think a windfall of profits for a travel agent.

There are many reasons to require and onward ticket and none are very good.

1. Force you to buy a ticket from that company on the spot.
2. Keep out the trash... hehehe
3. Help a travel agent to make more money.

I probably could go on and on, however the new system that has evolved is to fake tickets, with the invention of the e-ticket it has become easier.

Many travel agents will assist... if you travel agent does not know how to do so, they are either stupid or dishonest. They should say, I know how to, but I will not do so, it they do not know how to do so, then for sure you need a better agent.

There are these small pouches that travel agents put their tickets inside of, it you snag a few of them, you can make a good fake ticket.

I do not like to encourage people to fake tickets, nonetheless the reasons to have an onward ticket are pretty bad, I feel in many ways the travel agents have conspired for this idea.

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Fake Onward Tickets

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