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Extreme Travel on Motorcycle

2006-12-30 18:38:00

Extreme Travel on Motorcycle
Bangkok Thailand Southeast Asia
December 31, 2006

Around the world motorcycle trip.

I am trying to plan a trip to Africa, my one friend wishes me to go to the country of Sao Tome a former Portuguese colony off the West Central part of Africa.

São Tomé or Sao Tome etc, and so forth, and on and on, searching for information on a place where almost zero American tourists goes is difficult. I suppose if I started, searching only in Portuguese is would be better.

I happened upon a great extreme travel journey of two people on a Motorcycle. I believe they are Australian and their trip is great.

Please look at the map of their trip, and then you can see the magnitude of this

Around the World on Motorcycle

The travelers on this page understand travel; I truly enjoyed their honest deliberations about how many countries on the planet. I do not like to read travel books, I do not like to read travel blog, however the wisdom or true experience in these page tells me these people know, as William Sutcliffe would say,
- Are you experienced? -

These people are experienced, they are travelers.

Extreme Travel on Motorcycle

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