Exercising and Travel

Exercising and Travel

I am not 22, life is not the same as when I was 22, I am excessively introspective, both a curse and a wonder. When I was 22, I could live on my laurels, everything was simple, I did nothing and excelled.

I would like to be as physically fit as I was when I was 22, however, I have every excuse to not be, I suppose I take every excuse also.

I am not sure what to do; I can sit here and list all the excuses why it is difficult to exercise when I am traveling. Since, I never stop traveling, and then the excuses never stop. No point in listing excuses, that is the problem.

I am on the third floor of the hotel, I normally try to get on the first level, I just do not like going up and down the step, five times per day, or more.

I have been climbing the stair two steps at a time, trying to exercise my thighs.

What do I do in the next hotel? What do I do when there is only one floor?

This is the nature of excuses; there is always an excuse, why I will not exercise in the next city and hotel.

No excuses.

However, I also need to have options and choices, when I am ready to take one of them excuses; I need the alternative, the best choice that will allow me to not take the excuse.

I can live on the third floor and get some exercise or I can move to the first, this is a choice.

I am making a list of ways to exercise, I am making a list of choices, and the bottom line is there is no excuse.

Exercising and Travel

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