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Checklist of GPRS Questions

2006-12-25 18:56:00

Checklist of GPRS Questions

I am trying to stage a trip across Africa, from Ethiopia to Senegal by land,

The site is very GOOD, yet I am still having questions.

Example: But NOT a complete list of questions
I need answer on the countries?

1. Is GPRS available
2. Is EDGE available
3. Location of office where I can go and set it up, have them test it, and guarantee it works.
4. Cost to set up.
5. Cost to use per Meg, hour, etc
6. Can it be on pre-paid SIM card, that I purchase in the country?

Contracts are of NO value to me, unless they can do many countries.
I go to Africa about February 14, 2007, I think I will purchase a Satellite connection to use, but want a GPRS to be cheaper.

The goal is to blog every day from any where on the planet, the only 100 percent sure signal is maybe a satellite, and I have learn that is not always true.

The time is takes to set up the GPRS sometimes is onerous, it can be days to get a connection to work. I am going to try to perform the same process as I do in Thailand, I go directly to the office of AIS and have them set up the connection.

I need to take this checklist now and answer them for all the countries in my path.

Checklist of GPRS Questions