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Cheap Lodging in Tboli Philippines

2006-12-11 22:25:00

Cheap Lodging in Tboli Philippines
Tboli or T’boli Philippines Mindanao
Monday, December 11, 2006

Francis Lodging -

This is the entrance, hehehe, but some ok room for a backpacker at the end of the lane. Maybe the name should be,
- Do not block. -

A person can think what I just did is silly, unless you are personally going to Tboli, then you need to know, there is a room for you.

I am not sure 300 Pesos is cheap in my world of Hotels, but 6 Dollars USA is cheap for the Philippines as most hotels go for about 10-11 dollars or 500-800 Pesos.

I personally think cheap is one dollar per day, or the same number as what is below is poverty by the United Nations. I try to coordinate the room price around the daily pay rate, difficult to do, but possible. As a rule of thumb, 80 percent of the planet pays less than 10 dollars US per day; therefore, a room should never be more than 10 dollars. This is for developing countries, or the normal countries of the planet.

Ok, in the USA, if a person gets 6 dollars per hour, then 8-hour times 6 dollars would be 48 dollars in a day. Therefore one days pay is about the right price or maximum I will pay for a room in the USA.

Gene, a concrete worker told me about business hotels, I do not think I have ever had better advice on business travel. This is just too stupid, the best advice I may have ever received was given to me by a construction worker out in the field. We were sent to lay concrete for a tomato sauce place, and the boss put us up for one night in a hotel.

The business hotel price should not set the price for what is normal for a normal person…

Gene said,
- A person should live like they do at home. -

I think a resort is a place where you should live better than you do at home.

Cheap Lodging in Tboli Philippines