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Certified Copy of Passport

Certified Copy of Passport

I opened up the Canadian governments travel advisory pages on Burkina Faso.

I the body of information it says,
"Travellers should always carry a legally certified photocopy of their passport's identification page"

I have never heard of this, only a certified copy of a Birth Certificate, never a passport.

I searched on because is slow or down because of the earthquake in Taiwan for these phrase with code to get better results.

"Legally Certified Photocopy" + Passport
"Legally Certified Copy" + Passport
"Certified Copy" Passport
A BAD Yahoo Answers to the question

In my rational, there is no such thing, it is just a good idea.

In the USA, I would go make a copy in front of a Notary Public and have him or her acknowledge that this is my statement, that this is a copy of my passport, that would be legal.

But who cares, that is only legal for the USA, a notarized page is only good in the country whereby it was signed.

IF I wanted a certified copy in Burkina Faso, I would have do whatever they do for the Notary thing in their country and sign a statement.

I went to get a Notarized thing of my signature in Canada, and realized. or finally discovered, I need to go to the USA Embassy to have papers notarized.

I am working on a tip on how to make a copy of your passport and then shrink, put plastic on it and then carry in your wallet or billfold or wherever.

I keep getting copies and they disintegrate over time, I need something in plastic.

An American Citizen or a Canadian Citizen can get away without a passport on them, yet a person from Ecuador, in Burkina Faso, better have their original passport on them all the time.

Note, I almost never carry my passport, except when there are military checkpoints like I encountered in Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) Africa.

Canadians spell traveller with one L and Americans spell Traveler with one.

Note: Any answer that is not obvious, is never a good answer. The idea of carrying a legally certified copy of passport is a bad idea and not feasible.

Certified Copy of Passport