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Bombs in Bangkok

2006-12-31 18:18:00

Bombs in Bangkok
Bangkok Thailannd
January 1, 2007

Last night a few hours before midnight about seven bombs exploded in Bangkok, not sure, could be six. Nonetheless, there we some bombs, as of now, there are two dead, and up to 30 wounded.

All is good in the Khao San Road area, it will be intriguing to see how travelers deal with this.

Last night because of the huge language difference, most travelers were obvious to the bombings and continued to party. Few Thais really speak with the Foreigners, only the girls in tow, I suppose the Sukumvit area where there more "girls in tow" the men understood what happened.

The information did not disseminate down quickly as best I can tell, my guess is very few people were watching either Thai TV which was covered with the reports, or the BBC, CNN news reports.

Therefore it did not stop the party, however some larger areas or venue were shut down by either Thai police of Thai Soldiers.

It is all mostly gossip at this time, however it will be interesting to see if there is a mass exodus from Bangkok. I leave on the 5th of January, have a ticket reserved, so easy for me to leave, because I was already leaving.

Fear is an interesting thing, I truly believe getting caught up in a terrorist bombing is almost impossible odds. I for sure believe I can get hit by a crazy Thai driving a car, that is my big worry of danger.

I told one American friend and said, probably not a good time to go into large bars.

Bombs in Bangkok